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 +====== ARTICLE VII. Political Subdivisions. ======
-nd1.lc_bd_17 +[[artvii:sec1|Section 1[Article Purpose] ]]
-[[artvii:sec1|Section 1.]]+[[artvii:sec2|Section 2[Establishment and Powers of Political Subdivisions] ]]
-[[artvii:sec2|Section 2.]]+[[artvii:sec3|Section 3[Counties] ]]
-[[artvii:sec3|Section 3.]]+[[artvii:sec4|Section 4[County Seats] ]]
-[[artvii:sec4|Section 4.]]+[[artvii:sec5|Section 5[Alteration of Counties] ]]
-[[artvii:sec5|Section 5.]]+[[artvii:sec6|Section 6[Home rule in Counties and Cities] ]]
-[[artvii:sec6|Section 6.]]+[[artvii:sec7|Section 7[Optional Forms of Government for Counties] ]]
-[[artvii:sec7|Section 7.]]+[[artvii:sec8|Section 8[Required County Functions; Terms of Offices] ]]
-[[artvii:sec8|Section 8.]]+[[artvii:sec9|Section 9[Petition to Change Form of County Government] ]]
-[[artvii:sec9|Section 9.]]+[[artvii:sec10|Section 10[Joint Powers Agreements] ]]
-[[artvii:sec10|Section 10.]] +[[artvii:sec11|Section 11. [Public Utility Franchises] ]]
- +
-[[artvii:sec11|Section 11.]]+
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