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-====== ARTICLE VIII ======+====== ARTICLE VIII. Education. ======
-===== EDUCATION =====+[[artviii:sec1:|Section 1. [Public Schools Open to All Children of the State] ]]
-[[artviii:sec1|Section 1. [Public Schools Open to All Children of the State] ]]+[[artviii:sec2:|Section 2. [Uniform System of Free Public Schools] ]]
-[[artviii:sec2|Section 2. [Uniform System of Free Public Schools] ]]+[[artviii:sec3:|Section 3. [Content of Instruction in Schools] ]]
-[[artviii:sec3|Section 3. [Content of Instruction in Schools] ]]+[[artviii:sec4:|Section 4. [Literacy; Uniformity in Course of Study] ]]
-[[artviii:sec4|Section 4. [LiteracyUniformity in Course of Study] ]]+[[artviii:sec5:|Section 5. [Higher Education under Exclusive State ControlRestricted Funding to Sectarian Schools] ]]
-[[artviii:sec5|Section 5. [Higher Education under Exclusive State Control] ]] +[[artviii:sec6:|Section 6. [Board of Higher Education] ]]
- +
-[[artviii:sec6|Section 6. [Board of Higher Education] ]]+
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