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State v. Baker, 288 N.W. 202 (1939) (“This court has early held that these grants were in their nature exclusive and that neither department could exercise any of the functions of the other.”)

State v. Blaisdell, 132 N.W. 769 (1911) (“[T]here can no longer be any doubt that each department is supreme within its own sphere, or that the judicial power of this state has been exclusively vested, under § 85, supra, in the courts.”)

State v. Taylor, 145 N.W. 425 (1913) (“Judicial power determines what the law is, and what the rights of the parties are with reference to transactions already had, and wherever an act undertakes to determine a question of right or obligation or property, as the foundation upon which it proceeds, such act is to that extent a judicial one.”)


Section 1. The judicial power of the state is vested in a unified judicial system consisting of a supreme court, a district court, and such other courts as may be provided by law.

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