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Section 1. All proceeds of the public lands that have been, or may be granted by the United States for the support of the common schools in this state; all such per centum as may be granted by the United States on the sale of public lands; the proceeds of property that fall to the state by escheat; all gifts, donations, or the proceeds thereof that come to the state for support of the common schools, or not otherwise appropriated by the terms of the gift, and all other property otherwise acquired for common schools, must be and remain a perpetual trust fund for the maintenance of the common schools of the state. All property, real or personal, received by the state from whatever source, for any specific educational or charitable institution, unless otherwise designated by the donor, must be and remain a perpetual trust fund for the creation and maintenance of such institution, and may be commingled only with similar funds for the same institution. If a gift is made to an institution for a specific purpose, without designating a trustee, the gift may be placed in the institution's fund; provided that such a donation may be expended as the terms of the gift provide. Revenues earned by a perpetual trust fund must be deposited in the fund. The costs of administering a perpetual trust fund may be paid out of the fund. The perpetual trust funds must be managed to preserve their purchasing power and to maintain stable distributions to fund beneficiaries.

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